Mittwoch, 20. April 2016

A New Year , a new Style of Bloggin and some other things !

On this March i was on the Beginner Class from Jarhead and the time was great.
It was a great Time with some new people and some guys i call friend´s since some years.
I consume the whole time with Jar to bring my painting on a new horizon.
Some Things was new some other just with a new perspective on the paintstyle.
My Painting skills now on a level i love the style i paint my Orks from the January will love this. 
The Style he is teaching is Special but it is great.
I will not Share the hole Thing with you all , but i can agree the Money i spend are on the right place.

On the next two weeks i will spent my time in painting and will share this all with you guys.
A litte projekt from my Collection is a Hellsbell from the Skaven .
I love to paint some great models and the new style looks great on the "Rats".
when it is Finish i will Show you the whole process.

And now guys and girls i wish you and your Family a great time.

Mfg Sinjar